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At Tofudee, we believe that food preparation is an art. We want to make food preparation easy and fun, and help our customers around the globe enjoy tasty homemade recipes made from scratch every day.

Our first product, the Tofudee Tofu Press is a testament to our commitment to providing foodies with clever tools to make cooking easier and more fun than ever!


Our founder grew up in a country where tofu is a central part of the cuisine and can be found in about any home in the country. While looking for a great finger-sized snack for her daughter, she immediately thought of tofu! She cut the tofu in small, bite-sized cubes and served them to a 10-month daughter. She immediately squeezed them and rubbed them all over! Tofu proved out to be a fun food but not merely “firm” enough to withstand a toddler’s curiosity. But mom never gave up! She tried so many ways to cook tofu to make it "firm" enough, however, she realized that draining water out from tofu is the first thing to start. After that, so many different kitchenware were used to drain the tofu, paper towel, mesh strainer bowl, a cutting board, a microwave, etc. What made her putting so many efforts into one thing? Perhaps mom was desperate to feed quality food to her daughter, we call it "love"! That's how the idea of TOFUDEE TOFU PRESS was born.

tofudee tofu press_06

We wanted to save everyone the hours and hours of hard work, squeezing the water out or patting the tofu dry with kitchen towels and instead, make firm, crisp tofu more easily accessible than ever!

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