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Time flies when you're having fun! And just like that, it's already time for our year-ender. We enjoyed sharing tips, ideas, and recipes with all of you. We loved your comments, stories, and suggestions. Now, allow us to recollect and share our TOP 5 MOST POPULAR TOFUDEE RECIPES IN 2022 out of the 75 recipes that we’ve published so far. Pick one (or two 😀) and add it to your holiday table menu!

Top on our list is this colorful and yummy appetizer. This recipe proved that tofu indeed has a flavor, especially when combined with other wonderful ingredients like pineapple and tomatoes. Also, it is a fantastic idea to involve children in the preparation of these rainbow skewers with tofu, so they will learn much more about the importance of good nutrition.

Another crowd’s favorite appetizer is this Tofu Nuggets recipe not just because of its crispiness but also because of the lesser time you needed to spend preparing and cooking this. Don't rely on fast-food snacks for your family. Try these healthy plant-based nuggets today and give yourself a big applause.

Talking about healthy and easy recipes for your family? This simple and savory scrambled tofu and toast is a breakfast that not only mom, but the whole family will love! Spend no more than 10 minutes in the kitchen and voila! You can enjoy bonding with your family over breakfast.

Craving for some noodle soup in this cold season? This easy-to-prepare Tofu Ramen recipe is sure to satisfy your ramen cravings even during busy days. The sliced mushrooms and the pan-seared tofu give the broth plenty of umami flavor.

This recipe is perfect, not just for Thanksgiving, but for all special occasions, including the holiday season. This tofu roast is the perfect vegan alternative to turkey. A long marinating time makes this dish extremely savory and flavorful.

And that’s it!!! Here’s to more delicious and healthy recipes in 2023! Wishing you all a happy and prosperous new year! 💚♥️💚


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